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Look Local

We encourage working with local companies and businesses, working with them, linking with them, ensuring strength in numbers.

At Nick Price Creatives we actively encourage working with unrelated local companies. This initiative can save money and improve the profile of all businesses we link together. For instance, we develop links from websites, and encourage business partnerships and ideas.

One example was to introduce two companies together who worked in the same field, pitching to the same clients, whilst offering different, non-competing products with each other. We suggested a joint mailout branded with both companies logos, introducing both companies products. The two companies saved on print and mailing costs by sharing the expenditure of the process. The mailing was a great success with several new orders won by both businesses.

All our designed websites link with each other ensuring good ranking within Google.

Additionally, we encourage sponsorship, promotion and marketing initiatives with companies, charities and organisations where there is mutual benefits to businesses involved.

We have helped...

Nick Price Creatives supported Breast Cancer Awareness by submitting a charity auction lot offering a FREE website and marketing service for the winner bidder.
Nick Price Creatives developed a brand new corporate logo for a local childrens playgroup free of charge.

What we do not do...

We do not take on the marketing and promotion of another company/business in the same location as you - we do not believe in marketing two companies who offer the same service, it makes common sense to us, yet not it seems to other design and marketing companies who will take on both you and your competition. To us, this doesn't seem right, fair or ethical. For instance for MOT-ing your car in Daventry, we only promote ONE company who offers this service. They are page one on Google because we put them there and we would not promote another garage in the Daventry area whilst we are promoting Daventry Auto Services.

We do not cold call, or pitch for work to try to undercut another supplier.

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Work together with your neighbours - it's amazing what you can achieve.

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