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Photoshop Retouching

Spot the difference?

I guess we should be really pleased when you don't actually know what we have done to enhance a photo - seems the work we do is impossible to tell what we have done without the original image to compare to! Here's one example of a customer supplied image (shown on the left). The customer wanted the bike yellow, the stand to be removed and the bike itself to be cutout so it could feature on the side of a white van. The original photo was cropped too close to the top, chopping off the top of the visor - we put it back in - then took out the tree so the bike would sit better on the white background. We cleaned up all the chrome and the odd mark on the paintwork and finished...and on the van? No-one would know what we did! MORE...

We can help...

You name it we can design for it - for (any size) printed leaflets, brochures or posters. Adverts for both national and local newspapers and magazines. Printed on vans, shop signage, graphics panels, billboards, roll up banners or product packaging - online and offline anything and anywhere - just ask!

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