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Some common questions from customers

Q. What are the limits to a website, pages? pictures?
A. We don't have any limits to the number of pages, pictures or elements within your website. We can involve video, flash and a whole host of codes and scripts to ensure your website outperforms your competitors.

Q. Can I discuss my ideas?
A. Yes. It's your website and we welcome your ideas and suggestions for both style and content.

Q. How much is a website?
A. It depends on what is involved to produce your website however, we will quote a fixed price for your website from the outset once we have a brief of your requirements.

Q. What do I need to produce a website?
A. Text, pictures and an idea of your target market for starters. If however, you have no text we can write it. If you have no pictures we can produce them ...and a company/product name for a domain.

Q. Can you use my domain name? Can you buy a domain name for me? A
Yes and yes. For your domain we would need access via passwords. We can suggest the best possible domain name for your website and secure it on your behalf.

Q. Can I sell products from my shop?
A. Yes. We can establish a fully secure ecommerce shopping site or add 'pay' buttons to a couple of items.

Q. Do you host websites?
A. Yes, but not at our offices. We use the UK's largest hosting service ensuring complete security and functionality.

Q. Can I have access to my website online?
A. Yes. Full access to your website is available. You can make changes to your website using industry compliant programs.

Q. Do you setup email?
A. Yes. A matching email accompanying your site underpins the professionalism of your company/business.

Q. Do know who visits my site?
A. Yes. We can learn a lot of information from your site visitors and include hidden site meters on our websites.

Q. What is SEO and do you offer it?
A. SEO is an acronym for 'Search Engine Optimisation' which means more simply, will the site be found on search engines. The answer is yes, for which we would encourage you to read some of our customer testimonials for our SEO service results.

Q. At my FREE website consultation, will there be biscuits?
A. We offer a completely informal, no-obligation discussion relating to your website ideas. Tea, coffee and biscuits are often available.

Q. Will the biscuits be of the chocolate variety?
A. Now you are just being silly, give us a call with your website (and biscuit) requirements.

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